About Me

Hay 👋 I am Rohan Sharma, FCIArb. Welcome to my space of the web where I share personal observations on contemporary legal issues relating to Indian law, tools & tech to increase productivity, my lifelong passion for collecting fountain pens and everything else.


In 2007 I started blogging on lexevangelist.blogspot.com, below is thesnapshot of the header I used on the blog, Blogger was the platform I used.
However, due to my personal and professional commitments, I became irregular with my postings and later on completely stop it.
Whilst browsing on various productivity and technology-related blogs during the nationwide (India) lockdown imposed to curtain Covid 19 virus in 2020, I felt the desire to again start blogging. Hence, I choose Ghost.org as the platform for my blog above Wordpress and Medium.

⚖️ My Profession…

I am a dual-qualified Advocate (India) and Solicitor (Senior Courts of England and Wales) having worked with both Indian and International leading law firms in London and Singapore.
I specialise in a variety of commercial and regulatory disputes, including in company, construction and engineering, insolvency, banking & finance law, etc My practice spans appearances in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, various tribunals situated in Delhi and before arbitral tribunals.

📅 My professional milestones are as follows:

💠 2007: Year of Call at the Indian Bar (Delhi Bar Association).
💠 2010: Admitted as a Solicitor with Senior Courts of England and Wales.
💠 2020: Admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

My every day tools & tech…

Below is the list of my current tech gear & tools I use on daily basis as of today…

✒️ Pen & 📒 Notebook

I normally pen down my case notes/thoughts/memos, etc using a variety of fountain pens, pens and pencils. My current favourites are Pelikan fountain pen Special Edition "Indian Summer" M640; Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain;. As a companion for jotting notes, I often use varieties of the notebook from myPaperclip. You can check out my review of myPaperclip here.


My current phone is the iPhone 11. I've been an Apple fanboy since 2012 with the purchase of the iPhone 5. As you will see from below my entire ecosystem of “tools & tech” revolves around Apple, which for me works great as I can switch from one system to another without any hassle.

💻 Laptop

As my daily laptop was due for a replacement, I finnaly brought the new MacBook Pro 14 inch model after almost 7 years of using my trusty MacBook Pro 2015 (Retina 13 inch screen) as my daily driver.
I also use Dell Inspiron 14 inch laptop as my secondary laptop because a lot of the government sites, the printing of e-stamp paper, using digital signature work without any glitches only on a windows platform.


I have stated using the 12.8 inch iPad Pro with a second-generation Apple Pencil with Logitech Folio Touch. With the Logitech Folio, it weighs as most the same as MacBook Pro 14. However, the big screen allows me to comfortably view documents side by side amongst other things. Through, it would still recommend iPad Pro 11 inch model which I feel is the perfect blend of power and comfortable size to carry all day in court and beyond.
For screen protector I use "Paperlike", which I would say is more than a screen protector because of its tactile feel the writing experience on the iPad is equivalent to writing on a paper. You can read my review of Paperlike by clicking here.

⌚️ Watch

My everyday wear is the Apple Watch Series 4 (Cellular model). It is replaced my traditional collection of watches. Apart from checking the time, inter alia the watch helps me to discreetly view and reply to any notifications whilst the matter is being argued and reminds me its “Time to stand".

🎧 Headphones

I currently use AirPods Pro as my headphones to replace my AirPods (1st Generation) and Bose QC 20, I purchased the AirPods Pro model as I wanted wireless active noise cancellation headphones to block off noisy corridors of courtrooms or office whilst I read my case file.

Cheers !