Review of Paperlike-Screen Protector for iPad.

Review of Paperlike-Screen Protector for iPad.


Are any of the scenarios applicable to you:-
-Do you own an iPad and Apple Pencil.
-Are you planning to buy an iPad and Apple Pencil?
-Do you use your iPad to take down notes?

If yes, then you should seriously consider investing in a Paperlike screen protector in lieu of any standard screen protector. Which would greatly enhance your writing/drawing experience on the iPad apart from protecting your iPad's screen.


I ordered Paperlike 1 directly from the website. Although, you can check its availability at Amazon India or Flipkart.

The shipping cost are generally free to most countries, however, for India the delivery time is 3-6 days and shipping cost is around 10 Euros. You can also verify the estimated shipping time by clicking here.

What's included in package

2 x iPad screen protector by Paperlike
2 x wet and 1x dry screen wipes
2 x dust absorbers
2 x sticker guide sheets


Frist Impressions

The USP of Paperlike lies in its so-called grainy texture which gives similar friction as if you are writing on paper, unlike the other screen protector which does not offer any tactile feel to it. The only downside to this texture is the display noise reflected off the screen.

This is why new Paperlike 2 was introduce which come with Nanodots Technology which acts like microbeads are distributed across the screen protector. These dots don't disturb the light as much, thus you get a rougher screen with less refraction.As seen from the below pictures.

Below is pictorial representation showing the light reflection from Paprlike 1 and Paperlike 2.




Any Cons

The only con which I have with original Paperlike is the display noise, which becomes quite evident when one I watching a movie. Although, as stated above I believe the new Paperlike has fixed this issue. Hopefully, I will get my hands on the new Paperlike 2 which I will hopefully review soon.

For reference please see the comparision of the display with and withour Paperlike. You can see subtle differences in the bightness.


While writing this post, I came across few reviews of Paperlike which stated that it scratches easily and it does not hold well in the long run. Although, I have been using Paperlike since 2019- when I brought my iPad Pro 2018 model. As far as I am concerened ,I found my Paperlike has lasted well with minimum marks or scratches since 2019. Do drop your comments if you have a different experience.

Final thoughts

Getting Paperlike is by far the best accessory I have purchased for my iPad. Being a lawyer I take a corpus amount of notes. Which I normally jot down traditionally by using a fountain pen. The only problem is I cannot carry the physical notes with me all the time. To circumvent the said issue is to take notes on my iPad. I had a strong dislike for a traditional screen protector as it limited my usage of writing on the iPad. After the installation of Paperlike on iPad, I have started writing more on my iPad with greater ease and comfort.

Do let me know your impressions on using Paperlike.


How to apply and use Paperlike on your iPad.